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If you are like me, a mature graduate student (that is, someone who has worked at something, been successful, had a family, a house, a mortgage etc.) then taking on further study can be quite daunting.

When I undertook my MA through distance learning (my course) I was nervous about parting with the money and wondered how I would balance work and study. The beauty of studying at home is that you have, at least, got some support around you: a partner, your own desk, sustenance, a coffee machine… The experience of going back to College is entirely different. Whereas I had found a way to function efficiently and effectively as a Distance Learning student at home, studying at college full time is something entirely different.

I’ve been trawling the internet to find a guide, help list, blog…anything that might help.

I came across Next Scientist. This is a blog and mailing list that draws on years of experience to provide you with a week-by-week rundown of what to expect during your studies. The site is also packed with useful articles, too focusing on every aspect of academic study.

Also, when you join (for free I hasten to add) they will send you a link to a free ebook. I haven’t started ready it but t have downloaded it to my kindle. It looks quite short but very to the point cjvrring each stage of your research. A cursory glance has prooved to me that it is worth a read.

I cannot recommend this website enough! Let me know what you think.

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