Gabriela Saldanha – Armchair Travelling

Last Friday, I attended the Postgraduate Seminar hosted by DSPLAS (@UccSplas) and delivered by Gabriela Saldanha.

The session focused on her research regarding translated literature as armchair travelling and her new research focusing on translator style.

It was extremely interesting to think about how translator style is an embodied experience and should not be attributed to how the sociolinguistic and cultural context in which they work affects them. Translator style is something apart from this. The second presentation on ‘armchair travelling’ introduced us to the themes of heterogenisation and homogenisation of literature on the world stage. There appears to be a move towards universal literature that might aim to not place literature within the cultural context that it is written making it more accessible to others. She also attributed the effects of this to the consecreation of literature of a nation and how one homogenised book might spark off the translation of a whole canon of heterogenised literature.


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