UCC Skills Centre

Since September 2017, I’ve been lucky enough to work with the UCC Skills Centre based in the basement of the Boole Library on campus. This is a fantastic facility that provides the student community with the academic writing skills required to be a successful student. Expertly run by the fabulous Kathy Bradley, the centre has gone from strength to strength with a team of dedicated PhD students and members of staff bolstering the ranks.

The photo at the head of this session was an example of an outreach carousel that we offered to Transition Year students who are interested in studying Applied Psychology at UCC. Offering this opportunity to other secondary school pupils is something that we are very keen to offer so if you are interested then please let the skills centre know.

Also, I have been involved extensively with the associated radio show which has been a fabulous opportunity hone my interview skills, gather confidence at speaking to a larger audience as well as running a radio show. (LISTEN HERE)

If you are interested in attending a session, getting a one-to-one session, or listening to the shows from the radio you can do so from here by clicking the logo below.




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