MA (University of Portsmouth)

Why an MA at 28? university-of-portsmouth

I started my MA in 2012 after a lot of persuasion from my wife. I had always wanted to do an MA after my BA but, as with everything, finance was an issue!



I decided to opt for a Distance Learning option with the University of Portsmouth because it would allow me to study whilst working. I would recommend this option to anyone who is passionate about their field of study but has too many ties to allow them to study full or even part time.

Advantages of this course


  • very knowledgeable staff;
  • very well-organised;
  • rapid feedback;
  • a range of directed and self-direct options;
  • easy to use and follow;
  • peer interaction encouraged and facilitated;
  • access to an amazing range of materials;
  • real value for money.


My options

  • Theory and Practice of Translation (Core) 

Core theories of translation and translation practice were covered in this unit. I specialised in translation ethics, the unit of translation and produced a presentation on the translation of apartment brochures.

  • Specialised Translation (Spanish)

This unit encourages you to translate all types of texts from instruction manuals to sports reports. It also teaches you to appraise your own translations.

  • Translation Technologies

This unit is especially interesting and focused on the creation of translation glossaries, the use of corpora for translation and audiovisual translation.

  • Independent Learning Option

This unit allowed students to pursue an area of study that they had a particular interest in. I specialised in translation activity in the Spanish Autonomía of Asturias and how it contributes to the promotion of their regional language.

  • Major Project/Dissertation

My major project focused on the impact that dubbing has had in the Spanish Autonomías of Catalonia and Galicia in promoting their regional language planning aims. I also discussed the concept of translation parameters and discussed the types of parameters that affected dubbing translation in these regions and how this also impacted on the outcome.